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They’re Just Babies
April 1, 2009, 8:13 pm
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So, while I’m already on the topic of sappy dog stories…

I just realized that I’d been taking pictures for the past few days sans memory stick in the camera.  Turns out you can only take about seventeen shots before all of your internal memory is completely used and your camera will barely turn on.

Ordinarily, I’d just huff back inside muttering something about why do these kind of things only happen when Spider-Husband is gone and who in the hell put the camera back on the table without a memory stick in it, but today, I found a treasure trove that was good enough to keep my passive aggressive fit all to myself…

These so cool, didn’t know we even had these, adorable shots of the two best baby Chow Shepherds in the land.



This was back in the day when the Disaster Twins could actually lay on Doggy Daddy’s coat without fear of a serious scolding.


Oh, what a difference a couple years make, eh?



They’re still just babies…just a little larger babies than they used to be.


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What great pictures! Looks like they are having a great time. Perhaps as an added bonus, your new neighbors will have dogs and all the dogs can stand outside barking at each other constantly…..not that anything like that would happen at my house.

Comment by Mom

Love them!

Comment by wanderingkatie

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